Technology Services

Phone / SMS / MMS Number Provisioning

We've got your number. "Trackable phone numbers" have achieved the next generation. We provide competitively priced local and toll-free phone numbers for the United States, Canada and 50 other countries. Most phone numbers can be enabled for voice, text messaging and multi-media messaging - even land lines!

Intelligent, Real-Time Number Serving

Make each number work harder for you. The days of a single-purpose phone number are, um, numbered. Why not have a single phone number do more for you? Our Phone Number Server API allows you to assign a temporary use for a phone number each time you display it online. You can assign a phone number temporarily to an ad placement, to an inventory item, or to website user. And, this same real-time technology can provide a local CallerID phone number for you to display from your reserve of provisioned numbers. Our data capture and tracking system keeps the dots connected for you.

Omni-Channel Communications

One size doesn't fit all. Your prospects and customers may elect to engage with you in a number of ways using voice, text messaging, chat or email. Your internal capabilities and capacity to engage may have limitations. Our Communication Gateway API bridges the gap and facilitates high-quality communication by translating across communication channels. Any form of inbound communication can be transformed for efficient delivery to you or our agents. An inbound text message could be presented to you as an email, or to our agents as a live chat. Responses are then sent back via the correct communication type. Your soft inquiries can become full leads through this enabling technology.

Smart Recordings

This call may be recorded... or maybe not. You have complete control on call recordings. Record some or all calls. Record only a part of a call. Record only one person's leg of the call. Of course, listen to any recorded call.

CallerID Control

Flexible and legal CallerIDs. We don't spoof CallerIDs. We are able to display any phone number provisioned by us when making an outbound call or warm transfer. This means we can show a local or toll-free CallerID when contacting your prospects or customers. And, we can show a different CallerID when warm transferring. For example, if your internal CRM system is capable of "screen pops on CallerID", we can show your customer's CallerID when warm transferring them to you or your client, or we can display a fixed CallerID instead.

Phone / SMS / Email / Chat tracking

Data is, data does. We know from running our business, that our clients make real-time decisions using our data. Our systems automatically capture all legs of all calls and contacts, including timestamps, duration, CallerID elements, lead record info and all requested recordings. We provide standardized and customized reporting through our client portal reports, via API and via downloadable data.

API Integrations

We have an API for that. A set of standardized Application Program Interfaces (APIs) have been developed to enable two-way communication between Balboa Digital and our clients. We can accept lead records, post call results, provision numbers, serve numbers and provide call logs all in real-time via APIs. We also support batch processing via FTP and ad hoc processing via file upload in our client portal. If we don't have it, we'll figure it out!