Our Technology

Compliant Contact Management System

We practice safe dialing. Our proprietary contact management system is based upon a conservative reading of applicable Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and state telemarketing regulations, including the 2015 revised Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, Do Not Call Registry, Telemarketing Rules and state dialing restrictions.

As a result, our processes and systems help you to manage your compliance risk:

  • No robo calls; our agents review each contact record prior to hitting a button to dial (aka "preview dialing").
  • We only call your prospects and your customers. We rely on your disclaimers, collected consent, and your business relationship for each call attempted.
  • There are no calls attempted outside of national or state dialing hours.
  • There are no calls attempted on specific holidays or days of the week in certain states with dialing restrictions.
  • No recorded messages can be left in states that do not allow them.
  • We only display CallerIDs for phone numbers that we have provisioned, or for an active caller on the line.
  • If we receive a Do Not Call request, we don't call.
  • PCI DSS 3.2 compliant for credit card processing.
Balboa Digital PCI Certificate

Twilio-Based Communications   Twilio

We're plugged in. Our proprietary contact management system is fully integrated with Twilio's cloud-based telephony and messaging APIs. This integration enables amazing flexibility in our systems for number provisioning, tracking, recording, queueing and CallerIDs. Twilio's international footprint within Amazon Cloud Services provides regional network end-points for connectivity to their systems from around the world, which helps us achieve low-latency, high-quality calls. We're a proud member of the Twilio Contact Center Advisory Board.
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Third-Party Integrations

Easy breezy. Although every client implementation requires custom configuration and integration, we've completed MANY, MANY integrations with proprietary and commercial CRM and lead management systems. If we're not already integrated with your toolset, we can be very quickly. To name a few:
Velocify Sparkroom Salesforce Marketing Cloud LeadMailbox Leadxchange
SendGrid HubSpot QuickBase Cake

State-of-the-Art, Secure Facilities

Under lock and key. Our agent workstations are "locked down" virtal desktops which provide access only to the applications/websites required to conduct services for our clients. Agents are provided lockers for all of their personal effects which are located outside of the secured production floor. Entry to the production floor is controlled by biometric fingerprint scanners, entry/exit activity is monitored via video cameras and building access is controlled by human guards. Agents are not allowed to have writing instruments or materials at their workstations.

Redundancy and Continuity

Our problems should not become yours. Consistent with our approach to security, we strive to maintain appropriate redundancies and fail-safes in our operations. Twilio is one of those foundations. Another key foundation is the distribution of resources across multiple locations in Manila and with additional staff in the United States. In each office facility we have at least two Internet providers with a 1-2 minute fail-over. Our proprietary applications are distributed across multiple servers and our core data repository is replicated in real-time to a "hot" backup instance. And, we are always looking for opportunities to improve our continuity posture.