Our Pricing

Why can't I find contact center fees online?

You can with us. "But what will this cost me?" is one of the first few questions we hear from any new client. Our philosophy is to offer great services at affordable prices.

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It is absolutely true that no two clients have exactly the same business requirements or exactly the same technical integration needs. To address the unique nature of our engagements, we proudly present our fee schedule to continue the conversation with you.

Once we understand your specific needs, we'll prepare a final agreement for your approval.

Service Fees
Outbound Calls $0.50 per agent minute
Inbound Calls $0.50 per agent minute
Chat / SMS / MMS / Email / Social
$0.50 per agent minute
Phone Number Provisioning No charge if ringing to our agents, or
$0.60/month per local number
$1.00/month per toll free number
Phone Number Minutes No charge if ringing to our agents, or
$0.01 per local minute
$0.03 per toll free minute
SMS / MMS Messages No charge if handled by our agents, or
$0.015 per SMS message
$0.02 per MMS message (in)
$0.03 per MMS message (out)
Phone Number Lookups
(Identify mobile vs. landline vs. VoIP)

$0.025 per lookup
Setup $0.00 (usually)
Changes $0.00 (usually)
Custom Reporting, Analysis
and Consulting
Quoted per requirements
Monthly Minimum $2,500 per program
(or 5,000 agent minutes)

The Fine Print
(worth reading)

  • All fees are quoted in U.S. Dollars.
  • Agent Minutes: The time that an agent commits to take an inbound call, to make an outbound call, or to participate in a text-based conversation. This time includes time for phone ringing, voicemail messages and to record any notes at the end of the contact. For monthly billing, the number of committed agent seconds are added and then divided by 60 to calculate "agent minutes" for the billing period.
  • Phone Number Provisioning: Fees are for U.S. or Canada phone numbers, and are billed on a calendar month basis to include any phone numbers activated during that month. No additional fee to SMS/MMS-enable an eligible phone number. No fee to port phone numbers from another provider to us. Phone numbers are available in 50 countries; please inquire!
  • Phone Number Minutes: Fees are for U.S. or Canada connection minutes (or any part of a connection minute). Phone Number Minutes are not charged if the numbers ring to our contact center agents. Please inquire for per minute charges outside of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Phone Number Lookups: Fees are for U.S. or Canada lookups. A lookup will identify "mobile", "landline", "voip", or "error" (no lookup available). Mobile lookups will include the mobile carrier name, if available.
  • SMS / MMS Messages: Fees are for U.S. or Canada Short Messaging Service (SMS) or Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) per message. SMS / MMS Messages are not charged if the messages are being addressed by contact center agents. Please inquire for per message charges outside of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Setup: Most program implementations require no setup fee. Exceptions noted for custom API development, custom reporting requirements and/or data delivery or interaction processes which require exceptional effort to accomplish.
  • Changes: Most program changes require no additional fees, including script changes. Exceptions noted for changes to data delivery or interaction processes which require exceptional effort to accomplish.
  • Custom Reporting, Analysis and Consulting: We are happy to quote on customized deliverables for you. We are comfortable with "time and materials" or "fixed bid" as is appropriate to the work requested. Most of our clients have a contact center of their own. Our consulting services can help make yours great!

    Note: Standardized reporting, with basic analysis views, is available for all clients via the Balboa Digital Client Portal.
  • Other Notables:
    • We are happy to utilize any of your proprietary or licensed software tools while supporting contact services for you. You will need to provide licenses, access and training for these tools.
    • For contact center programs, we encourage monthly checkpoint meetings and require Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs).
    • Agreement terms are for 12 months and can renew for up to 4 additional years.
    • Renewals are subject to up to a maximum 2% cost of labor increase per year, at the discretion of Balboa Digital.
    • We have easy termination terms: After 30 days with us, you can notify us of your intent to terminate with 30 days' notice.
    • Call recordings are stored for up to 90 days at no charge. Messages kept longer than 90 days are subject to a $0.005/message storage fee per calendar month, based upon any message present older than 90 days during the calendar month.