Contact Services

Inbound/Outbound Calls, Chat, SMS/MMS & Email

We're always standing by. Our highly-trained agents are ready to make and take phone calls, and to interact with your prospects and customers with chat, text messaging and email. Our proprietary scripting and help engine will ensure agent consistency in communication using your script and knowledge base.

Lead Capture

Don't miss an opportunity. Many inbound contacts start off lacking the data and consent to create a lead. Our agents engage to ensure that the contact is qualified to your standards and that lead information is captured and forwarded to you. In addition to lead capture, we'll transfer the caller to you...(see next section).

Warm Transfer / Concierge

Live callers for you. We do the hard work to turn outbound call attempts to live callers. When we have your screened and qualified customer or prospect on the phone, we can warm transfer to your sales professionals, to your customer service department, or to your clients - all in real-time. Our agents will navigate phone trees, multiple phone numbers and voicemail for your customers and prospects to achieve the best calling experience for them.

Customer Service

Make staffing for customer service less tricky. Customer request volumes vary as do staffing levels due to sickness, vacations, and other surprises. Our "On Demand" customer service program means you can meet your service levels without over-staffing. Our well trained, quality reviewed team, can provide core or back-up service to ensure your customers are not left holding.

Appointment Setting

Sharing [calendars] is caring. Any contact campaign via phone, text message, chat or email can include appointment setting. This service is very useful where consultations or sales presentations are part of your customer acquisition workflow. We'll log into your scheduling system and set appointments, or apply whatever scheduling rules you provide to us and send appointment confirmations to you.

Lead Recovery

Not all bad leads are bad leads. Automated lead screening services often "over-scrub" your leads, leaving potential revenue on the table. Our contact center will attempt contact to each of these leads to recover the good leads for you. The ROI on this model has been consistently positive for our clients across a number of industries.

Sales Prospecting

Make your phone ring. Sales prospecting is a grind. We'll take your prospect list and work it with the goals of achieving contact with the right, qualified person and live transfer to your skilled sales professionals.

Lead Credit Verification

Don't lose the farm. If you are providing leads to your clients, invariably they are going to question the quality of certain leads and request credits to their account. Our agents will make contact with these disputed leads so that you can make the best, balanced credit decisions.

Call Overflow and After Hours

Never miss a call. Most of our clients have one (or more) internal contact centers. We work as an extension to your contact center to ensure that all inbound calls are answered. These services can cover the hours your centers are closed and overflows during business hours. This plug-in service helps to overcome a key contact center service issue for our clients: We staff for the peaks, so you don't have to.


Customer retention? Quality of service? Content generation? Looking to find out what your customers are thinking but don't want to spend a fortune to do it? Or, how about the generation of content for your website and SEO? We can help design and implement and outbound call survey that can quickly provide the information you've been wanting.

Real-Time Reporting

Our tools are your tools. We understand that our clients require real-time visibility to our contact center activity. All of our programs include real-time reporting tools which include many of the same tools we use to run our own business.