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Balboa Digital broadly applies the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") to all residents of the United States of America, Canada and their legal territories. You have three specific rights that you may exercise at your discretion. Those rights are:

  • Right to know:
    Individuals exercising this right may request access to the categories and specific pieces of their personal information we have collected in the prior 12-month period. Individuals exercising this right may receive their personal information, when provided electronically, in a readily-useable format.
  • Right to delete:
    Individuals exercising this right can ask us to delete their personal information we have collected, though we may be permitted to retain personal information for certain purposes.
  • Right to opt out of sales:
    As permitted by applicable law, we may share your personal information for monetary or other valuable consideration (under California law, this is considered a "sale"). If you exercise this right, we will prohibit your data from being included in any data sales or sharing.
Please review our Privacy Policy for more information about your rights, and to review conditions that would prevent us from fulfilling your privacy request.


Each request received triggers the following process...

  1. Request - Your request is received and stored, whether submitted via this form, email or telephone.
  2. Acknowledgement - Your request will be acknowledged via email, or on the phone if you called us.
  3. Validation - The information you supplied in your request will be used to verify your identity, or will reach out to verify your consent for an agent to act on your behalf.
  4. Notification - If we are unable to locate data record(s) related to your request, we will notify you within 2 business days.
  5. Processing - If we locate data record(s) related to your request, we will process your request.
  6. Finalization - Once processing is complete, we will update our record of your request with the final status.
  7. Confirmation - We will contact you via email or telephone to confirm the final status of your request.

We will attempt to find your data record(s) and fulfill your request based upon the information you provide here.

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