Our Approach

Shared Resource Model

Pay only for what you use. We utilize a "shared resource" model, which allows us to leverage our Global Team across multiple clients and industries handling similar contact types. This allows us to provide affordable quality contact center services for our clients. Our "secret sauce" is balancing time-critical tasks, such as handling inbound calls and responding to real time online requests, with less time-critical functions, such as making follow up calls and calling "aged leads." This contrasts with a "dedicated staff" model, which requires over-staffing to ensure "speed to lead" or to guarantee best-in-class service levels. Our shared resources approach also means we provide an "On Demand" pricing model - our clients only pay for the services they use, not for our idle time.

Global Team

You'll sleep better while we're awake. We utilize a Global Team to provide quality contact center services with affordable pricing. We selectively source Manila and U.S. team members using a multiple screenings to ensure excellent English communication skills and appropriate levels of customer service experience. Each representative is put through rigorous training and an ongoing quality assurance process; including regular U.S. quality team review. We augment our Manila team with a U.S. team that provides QA support and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our Philippines teams.

Quality Client Experience / Consultative Approach

Happy clients don't leave. With over 75 years of experience in building quality customer service experiences and in supporting online marketing, we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to develop any program. Our experience crosses industries and technologies. Whether you are looking to set up a qualification and warm transfer program or to have us handle your overflow customer service calls, we can quickly evaluate and implement a custom pilot, and provide the necessary feedback to know whether this works for you. We also work on a limited commitment basis, earning our clients' confidence every month.