About us

Since 2010, Balboa Digital has provided custom call center programs for online lead generators and buyers. We have both inbound and outbound programs customized to clients' needs and integrated with their environments. We move prospects from hand raisers to qualified customers and when appropriate, transfer them to end merchants or sales consultants. Our helpful call center team responds in real time to customer inquiries, creating a positive experience and improving program conversion.

Executive Team

CEO - Mark Garms

As Chief Executive Officer at Balboa Digital, Mark is focused on bringing the team and technology together to create call center solutions that help our clients' businesses grow.

Mark brings over 20 years of experience in call center creation and sales & marketing. As a former COO in a public company, he understands the importance of bottom line results. He challenges his team to provide affordable solutions that solve real world problems.





Managing Partner - Tim Nelson

Tim is an experienced leader, developing and using technology to solve complex business challenges for over 25 years. His online credentials stretch from building and operating a search engine in 1995 to being a named inventor on three ecommerce patents. He has over 15 years' experience of product development & management, online marketing, lead generation, and website development & operations. During that period he managed business and technical programs for numerous websites at companies both large & small, most recently as Senior VP, Websites at a publicly traded company.

Tim's approach to program managment is pragmatic and results-driven. He is a firm believer in applying best practices, testing results, and making ongoing incremental program improvements.

As a partner at Balboa Digital, Tim oversees the development and management of all client programs, including CRM tools, call center processes, and client reporting.

Managing Partner - Kevin Wagoner

Kevin's passions join technology and product innovation. Throughout his career, he has led a variety of technology, product, sales and service organizations with the goal of delivering great customer value.

His last 15 years have been dedicated to online product delivery in the automotive and personal credit industries. Along the way he has been awarded patents in real-time lead generation and online auctions.

Kevin's primary role for Balboa Digital is to oversee the technical implementations for the corporation and it's clients including hardware, software, systems integrations, data feeds and telephony.